Why Do Some Brain Stimulation Parameters Work When Others Don't? What Sets Them Apart?
Written by Sterling Cooley on Feb. 17th 2017
When it comes to actually making someone's brain change under some form of stimulation, it's easier said than done.
But we know for a fact that some forms of brain stimulation do make changes. Why do some work where others fail?
What Sets Berkeley Ultrasound Apart From Other Companies? And Why You Should Schedule A Call for a Free Strategy Session
Written by Sterling Cooley on May. 12th 2017
Berkeley Ultrasound
Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and felt a pain in your heart? Did this make you question if you were doing the right thing with your life?
I'm going to tell you about the ONE THING that can turn that all around in an instant.
The Two Primary Forces That Drive All Ultra Successful Brain Expeditions...
Written by Sterling Cooley on June. 6th 2017
How would you like to offer a service that truly meets the needs of your clients?
This is what I call the value stacking effect. When you stack two forms of the same service, by doing in your own company what you offer your clients, you have a value stack.
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